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As if he used his victims to give a material shape - one that could be tasted and eaten - to a musical idea. - So do the nightingale and the rose. She build it out of music by moonlight, and stain it with her own heart's-blood.

Except Lecter didn’t spill his own blood, did he?

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    Captivated By The Rose (The Nightingale)

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Rimsky Korsakov, Captivated By The Rose (The Nightingale), Op.2, No.2 - Orchestrated By Andreas N. Tarkmann

Anna Netrebko, Emmanuel Villaume, Prague Philharmonic


The Nightingale in fervent song
Doth woo the rose the whole night long,
But to his lay no ear she lendeth,
Her head in innocence she bendeth.

Thus oft the lover sings a strain,
To his guitar, of grief and pain,
With glowing love he hopeth, feareth,
But even if the maiden heareth,
She doth not know of whom he sings,
Or why his song so sadly rings.

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    Wagner: Tannhäuser - Act 3: Wie Todesahnung...O Du Mein Holder Abendstern

  • Album

    Wagner: Opera Arias

  • Artist

    Bryn Terfel; Claudio Abbado: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra


Wagner: Tannhäuser - Act 3: Wie Todesahnung…O Du Mein Holder Abendstern

Bryn Terfel; Claudio Abbado: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

Like a portent of death, twilight shrouds the earth
and envelops the valley in its sable robe;
the soul, that yearns for those heights,
dreads to take its dark and awful flight.
There you shine, o fairest of the stars,
and shed your gentle light from afar;
your friendly beam penetrates the twilight gloom
and points the way out from the valley.

O my fair evening star,
I always gladly greeted thee:
from a heart that never betrayed its faith
greet her when she passes,
when she soars above this mortal vale
to become a blessed angel in heaven!



Hannibal the opera!

'…While Game of Thrones and New Girl just serve as inspiration for selecting symphonic works, Hannibal will be an original opera that Hong is currently in the middle of composing. “[Hannibal’s] psychological profile is perfect for a dark opera,” Hong says. “We are beguiled by him. He is a character whom we both fear and admire. Most interestingly of all, on some level we want for him to succeed.” The world premiere is currently set for 31 May and 1 June 2015. This work is based on both the books by Thomas Harris and the show created by Bryan Fuller, who, as of yet, have not collaborated with Hong on his composition. “I would love to have them both for dinner,” he says. “Well not for dinner, but over for dinner.” …'

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